abracadabra cape cod

Cape Cod's Cleaning Magicians since 1980!

PO BOX 264, South Dennis, MA 02660

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abracadabra cape cod, inc. is committed to providing good jobs and working conditions to loyal, capable individuals that bring a similar sense of commitment to their work. We are committed to treating staff as the valued employees they are; our expectation of staff is that they will, in turn, treat us and our clients respectfully and with a commitment to excellence. Our primary concern is that staff is happy in their work. If they are, they will make the clients happy and we will all be successful.

Our clients are told upon signing up for our services that they will receive excellent results and reliability. They are told that they can ask staff to do somewhat different work from time to time and that we can and will accommodate them. They are also told that we customize our work to suit individual clients’ needs. We do not work from the same checklist every visit, but try to stay within expected time limits unless otherwise approved by the office.

What makes us better than other services is the degree of flexibility we employ when working with changing client needs and schedules.